3 Reasons Why Respiratory Therapists Should Join Lurie Children’s with Mary Vrskovy

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Since April 2004, Mary Vrskovy has been a Respiratory Care Practitioner at Lurie Children’s. Every day for almost fifteen years, Mary says, what keeps her coming back is the fact that she is constantly learning something new. The Respiratory Care Department regularly receives new equipment–like high frequency ventilators, negative pressure ventilators, and neutrally adjusted ventilator assist (NAVA)–and with that new technology comes a new opportunity to learn.
When Mary was nineteen, she joined the Navy. That’s when she began her career as a Respiratory Care Practitioner. After deciding to leave the military, Mary made a move to Chicago and heard from other respiratory care practitioners that Children’s Memorial–now Lurie Children’s–was an exciting place to work. So, she applied.
Now, after over a decade, Mary still says her favorite aspect of her role is being part of the team. What she’s learned while on the team is it takes time management, efficiency, and preparedness to be successful in her role.
“If you can anticipate your patients’ needs for the shift,” she says, “you can be ready for them. It’s much easier to meet your patients’ needs when you have everything ready to go.”
To help other respiratory care practitioners searching for a new career, Mary compiled a list of three reasons why respiratory therapists should work at Lurie Children’s. Here’s what she said!

  1. You will work other smart and dedicated members of the healthcare team.
  2. You will stay current in your field; Lurie Children’s employs new equipment and approaches to treating respiratory illnesses.
  3. Lurie Children’s is a dynamic and interesting place to work, with top-rated programs in cardiac critical care and other specialties.

So, what’s stopping you from joining our team? If you’re ready to learn and work alongside some of the best in the industry, apply today!