Employee Stories

Lurie Children's is PJ Bungcayao's One and Only

Stories in: Allied Health

This is actually my first respiratory care job. I have never been to a different hospital before Lurie Children’s. This has been my workplace since day one after I graduated. PJ is a 14-year

3 Reasons Why Respiratory Therapists Should Join Lurie Children’s with Mary Vrskovy

Stories in: Allied Health

Since April 2004, Mary Vrskovy has been a Respiratory Care Practitioner at Lurie Children’s. Every day for almost fifteen years, Mary says, what keeps her coming back is the fact that she is

Promoting Growth and Patients’ Fullest Participation in Life with Katie Needham

Stories in: Allied Health , Advanced Practice

One of the most valuable lessons Katie Needham has learned during her time at Lurie Children’s is to remember why you’re here. For her, that means providing a special and unique skill set

Finding More at Lurie Children’s Anne Szmergalski

Stories in: Allied Health

Eight years ago, Anne Szmergalski was longing for more. She longed to learn more, challenge herself, be mentored, and to advance her skills as an occupational therapist. More is just what Anne got

Getting Creative with Kevin Durney

Stories in: Allied Health

Creativity, a word not often used in the health care field. That is unless you’re like Kevin Durney. Montana-native Kevin was working in education administration when he realized he was more

Dialogue with a Dietician: Robyn Blackford

Stories in: Allied Health

Before Robyn Blackford even started working at Lurie Children’s, she fell in love with the team. Seeing how they treated not only patients but other employees assured Robyn that Lurie