Employee Stories

Administrative Coordination with Angel Alcazar

Stories in: Support Services

Angel Alcazar is an Administrative Coordinator here at Lurie Children’s and has been with us since 2011. In his words, healthcare has always been the industry the Angel has chosen to

Making Moves with Zachary Romanski

Stories in: Support Services

Zachary Romanski is a Senior Interpreter & Translator in the Family Services Department. He’s been here with us at Lurie Children’s for 5 years, but his passion for communication

Data Analytics and Development at Lurie Children’s with Rachel Foote

Stories in: Support Services , Research

The first thing you should know about Rachel Foote is that she’s passionate about her job and is willing to work hard to get what she wants. In her five years at Lurie Children’s,

Five Tips for Being an Effective Outreach Manager at Lurie Children's with Paula Nowak

Stories in: Support Services

Are you interested in becoming an Outreach Manager at Lurie Children's? Before you apply, Paula Nowak, Manager of Physician Services at Lurie Children's, has the tips to help you succeed. As a

Caring Goes Further Than Medicine at Lurie Children's with Amy Diaz

Stories in: Support Services

Amy Diaz vividly remembers her journey to joining the team at Lurie Children's. "We were still applying on paper," she recalls. After driving to the human resources building and handing in her

Finding Your Fit in Finance

Stories in: Support Services

When you think of healthcare jobs, usually the first thing that comes to mind is nurse or doctor or therapist. But there is more to healthcare than just those vital roles. Marcus Ingram, Director of