Feeling Your Value at Lurie Children’s with Jean-Pierre Vidrine

Without our Support Services team at Lurie Children’s, the work and research we do would not be possible. Everyone from our talented culinarians in the kitchen to our security shuttle drivers are an essential part of our team that helps make the world a better place.

Jean-Pierre Vidrine is one of those people that contributes to something bigger than himself every day–or in his case, night.

He started on our team six years ago at the coffee kiosk, but when that went away, Jean-Pierre was too essential to the Power Of All. “The bosses upstairs decided they liked me, and they pulled me up there,” he annunciates with a few giggles. It’s clear through Jean-Pierre’s tone that he loves his role at Lurie Children’s.

As a cashier in the cafeteria working the night shift, he helps satisfy the late-night cravings of our employees, patients, and parents. Jean-Pierre says one of the benefits of working at night is that it’s typically quieter than the day shift, although he does get busy and turn on hustle mode at times. And there are more benefits to Lurie Children’s than the night shift.

During his earlier years in the service industry, Jean-Pierre had bosses who weren’t understanding and jobs with little to no benefits. But not here. 

“There’s paid time off–which is such a great thing–and there’s sick leave,” he explains. “There are so many places that don’t give you that at all, or they make it hard to use. That’s not been my experience at Lurie Children’s.”

Jean-Pierre’s career at Lurie Children’s has been filled with other gratifying aspects as well. One of which is, “being told you’re doing a good job by your colleagues and your boss.” Another rewarding part of joining the Power Of All is our team’s diverse culture.

“I see people from everywhere,” he describes, “not just geographically, but from different walks of life and different experiences. Lurie Children’s is very accepting; people walk around with pride flags and trans flags on their badges, and that just shows how cool this place is.”

And if that didn’t express how proud Jean-Pierre is of his career at Lurie Children’s, he’ll tell you himself.

“You read about companies in the news and you find out they have some dirty dealings going on, or they’re financing some terrible thing you’re opposed to–there’s nothing like that at Lurie Children’s. Everything I see is amazing: we have therapy for gender development programs and therapy for transgender children. They’re very accepting of all people and I’ve met so many different people working for this company.”

Are you ready to play a vital role in Lurie Children’s mission and help make a difference in the lives of children everywhere? Feel your value in a Support Services career with Lurie Children’s and apply today and join the Power Of All!