Providing Two Decades of Patient Care with Shi-Fong George

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Shi-Fong George has been a Clinical Pharmacist at Lurie Children’s since 1995. She jokes that it’s not the commute that keeps her coming back every day, but the people that she works with.

As a member of the pharmacy team, she works closely with physicians to manage the medications for patients at the hospital–an important role that requires a lot of monitoring and collaboration from different entities within the organization.

With twenty-three years under her belt, Shi-Fong knows all of the intricate workings of the hospital and what it takes to succeed on the pharmacy team. We sat down with her to get the full story. Here’s what she said!

How does Lurie Children’s encourage you to grow professionally?


Over the years, I feel like the hospital itself has become more and more innovative and it has become more research-oriented, so there is a lot more expectation for each one of us to take on those models and to contribute.


Tell us about the pharmacy team.


We're a pretty close-knit team; we all have specific roles, but we also help each other out. If we see someone is very busy or is struggling and can't finish their work, we will always check in and help to make sure things get done. If we ever have any questions or if we’re ever stumped on any clinical issues, there's always someone we can go to and ask for opinions.

What key quality should candidates have before joining your team?


There are so many. A good quality would be to be inquisitive; even if you think you might know something there's always a deeper part to the answers, so always look for more and more.

What is the pharmacy team at Lurie Children’s doing that others aren’t?


Our practice model is a little bit different than a lot of other institutions. We rotate through clinical areas as well as dispensing areas so that the pharmacists are not always blocked into one specific area– that way they can see a lot of different environments as they practice.

What has Lurie Children’s contributed to your life outside of a career?


Lurie Children’s has taught me to ask for help because taking care of patients is a very demanding and complicated process, and I'm the type of person who has a really hard time asking for help. I always wanted to do things my way and by myself, but working here taught me that things don't get done with just one person, things are done better with a team of people.

What are the secrets to success in your role?


A lot of collaboration, not just within my department but with other members from other departments. I participate in rounds daily, so we not only work with physicians and residents, we work with nutritionists, case managers, and nurses–it’s a true team environment so that everybody can contribute to patient care to come up with the optimal therapy for a patient.


Are you hard-working and inquisitive with a good work ethic and ability to work well with others?

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