A Breath of Fresh Air with Kaneisha Green

Atlanta-native Kaneisha Green loves helping children and seeing them grow and get better.

When she was nine, her mom passed away from asthma. Since then, she has been drawn to the respiratory field with the goal of helping children cope with the condition and live better lives as adults. That’s why she joined the team at Lurie Children’s almost two years ago.

Before joining the team, she worked for a children’s hospital in Atlanta in the same position she holds now: Respiratory Therapist in the NICU. Interested in relocating, particularly to Chicago, and seeing a lot of buzz about Lurie Children’s via recruiters, Kaneisha applied for a position, not thinking she would get it. Two weeks later, she got an email about setting up a Skype interview. Impressed with the team, who were equally spellbound by her, she knew Lurie Children’s was where she needed to be.

Wanting to know more about her role and about migrating to Chicago, we sat down with Kaniesha to get the full story. Here’s what she said!


Tell us about a time at Lurie Children’s that really impacted you.

I was working on a team and our primary goal was to educate families on how to take care of their child at home, so I did a lot of education and troubleshooting with these families. I remember one day, I was actually discharging one of my first patients from the program, and I remember walking them down to the car; I was outside, in the cold, making sure that they could get into the car and that everything was okay, and watching as they drove off–simultaneously sighing with relief. When I walked back inside, a parent walked up to me and said, ‘Oh my gosh! I've been watching you as you were helping the patient, and I don't know if that's normal, but thank God for you and thank God for what you do and how you do it’. That was a really big moment for me because I don't think people pay attention to a lot of the stuff we do, so it’s nice to be recognized for the good work.


What have you learned during your time at Lurie Children’s?

I've learned there are a whole lot of ways to do a whole lot of things. Lurie Children's is a teaching hospital, so that's something I wasn't used to in my other hospital. I've learned how to interact better, be a team player, and effectively communicate with different specialties–which is something I wasn't used to back in Georgia.  I've also learned how to be positive and optimistic about things.


What has Lurie Children’s contributed to your life outside of a career?

This job is very humbling, so it makes me approach things a lot differently; I'm a lot more open and a lot more caring and nurturing outside of work because of everything I see here. It just makes me want to reach out and hug everybody because life is short. I see both sides of the hospital, I see happy and sad and grief, so outside I just try to share as much as I can and just be positive on every avenue.


What are the secrets to success in your role?

I think the biggest thing is being open to learning new things and trying new things and not being afraid of change; you just have to take everything in. There are so many people to learn from at Lurie Children's, so you just need to absorb everything and put it to use and just constantly keep up and learn as much as you can.


What should all Respiratory Therapists know before starting their career?

One of the most important things to know is that it's going to be both terrifying and rewarding and you're going to learn a lot. It's going to shift your perspective on life in general and you just need to be ready to learn.


Are you not afraid of change and always ready to learn and discover new things? Apply today and join our team!