A Day In The Life Of A Patient Care Operations Manager with Erin Benish

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Although Erin Benish has been part of the Lurie Children’s family since 2004, she says it hasn’t felt like that long. “It’s been very, quick to be frank,” she divulges. “There’s been a lot of opportunity for growth and development, so there’s always something going on that makes the time go fast.

Erin is a manager of patient care operations on our Resource Team and Vascular Access Team. But, before she was an employee at Lurie Children’s, she was a patient. As a Type 1 diabetic, Erin grew up being treated by our hospital’s great doctors and nurses. Being with those talented members of our team helped Erin figure out what she wanted to do in college and after graduation.

She started as a floor nurse at Children’s Memorial–now Lurie Children’s–and eventually became a charge nurse serving on different committees. During that time, Erin worked closely with our administrative coordinators and realized that was a team she wanted to be on, so she applied.

To find out about life as a patient care operations manager, we sat down with Erin to hear her story. Here’s what she said!

Tell us about a day in the life of a patient care operations manager.

There are no two days that are alike–I think that really sums it up. Since our teams go everywhere in the hospital, we are constantly rounding and checking in on everyone. Since we go everywhere, we work closely with all of the units in the hospital. We’re doing a lot of quality projects and initiatives right now and working with nurses and other team members to see how those are going.

Tell us about one of your favorite memories at Lurie Children’s.

My favorite moments are when my nurses have that “aha” moment or a proud moment or they’ve made a great step for themselves.

Why is Lurie Children’s a great place to work as a nurse?

I think we are always trying to achieve better. We never stop asking questions and growing and learning, and we always want to do better for our staff and our patients.

What advice would you give new employees?

Somebody who is just starting, I’d say don’t be afraid to ask questions. For someone who is applying, I look for a very well-rounded applicant. I want to see that they’re involved and volunteer, we don’t just look at school or GPA, we want to see the whole picture.

Tell us about a time you went above and beyond to care for a patient or teammate.

As a manager, our team consists of about 90 nurses, so really getting to know my nurses is important to me. I like to learn what makes them tick or what’s going on with their family or when their wedding is. I don’t know if that’s going above and beyond, but it’s just letting them know we care and we’re here for them.

What helps you power through the day?

It’s definitely the people. We have great teams and great nurses. I’ve told many people this before, our team is so motivated and driven that they keep me motivated, and not many managers can say that and I’m very lucky.


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