Administrative Coordination with Angel Alcazar

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Angel Alcazar is an Administrative Coordinator here at Lurie Children’s and has been with us since 2011. In his words, healthcare has always been the industry the Angel has chosen to “dwell” in.  

He started his career journey with Lurie Children’s in high school when he saw the opportunity for an internship aptly named Discovering Healthcare Careers.

"I always saw myself working in healthcare, I just never knew in what capacity. I feel like the exposure that the internship gave me really gave me confidence with healthcare and I fell in love with it."

 Angel was a pre-med student, but decided the more he dove into the discipline that public health is what he wanted to focus on. 

"Being able to be seen as a resource and help communities in any capacity is one of my favorite parts of working with Lurie Children’s. I grew up not really understanding healthcare but still playing the role of an advocate for my parents, who experienced a language barrier. When they needed to go to the doctor and communicate clearly, I saw that there is a lack of services and healthcare providers that are culturally sensitive to different populations. So I thought that I should maybe try to make a difference for those poulations within the hospital."

 Making a change wields many tasks. A day in the life of an Administrative Coordinator like Angel is a busy one. Whether it’s communication, finances, or administrative work, he’s always ensuring things within his department are running as smoothly as possible.  

Because Angel has communication with staff across departments, he is able to give advice to those looking to join Lurie Children’s as a new employee. He believes that proactivity is the key to growth and success within the organization. 

"Don’t be afraid to be an advocate for yourself. Take ownership of your development, because there are a lot of benefits that Lurie Children’s offers. Just remember that if you feel stuck, you are your best advocate. "

 Angel says that the flexibility in his role as an Administrative Coordinator is promising. 

"I think my role could potentially be a pathway to other roles. I say that because I have the opportunity to work with different departments and participate in different programs. Because of my department and what we do, we have to be connected to others in the hospital." 

The spirit of collaboration and communication run rampant at Lurie Children’s and we work tirelessly to make sure that aspect of our mission stays alive. 

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