Business Applications with Jason Muldrow

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Meet Jason Muldrow! He is the Senior Director for Business Applications in the Information Management department and has been with us at Lurie Children’s for over five years. 

His journey to our organization was led by his passion for information technology. Jason worked for an EHR vendor immediately out of college that afforded him the opportunity to work with healthcare systems and travel around the country. 

I took a break from my EHR work and went o graduate school thinking I wanted to take a different career path, but then I realized I missed the work. So I finished up my master’s degree and got back to EHR. After that, I ended up going back to the Midwest to see some family that happened to be in Chicago—and there happened to be a position open at Lurie Children’s.  

 A day in the life of a Senior Director is a busy one. From working with clinical and business leaders throughout the organization, to trying to figure out their business needs, “there’s no typical day-in-the-life,” he laughs. 

We work with leaders to understand their business needs and work to figure out how we can use technology to enhance them,” Jason says. “And then we partner with them to do the implementation.

Partnering and collaboration is key to life at Lurie Children’s. Our team-focused spirit is what allows our organization to be the best it can be. 

We have close to a hundred people in my department and the atmosphere is very collaborative. The systems that we support and work with are very integrated, and really require our team to work together to make sure any changes or modifications we make are coordinated with the modifications of other teams. Because of that, it’s a very collaborative environment. 

Another belief we have at Lurie Children’s is to always find ways to help our staff members perform at their best at all times, and Jason believes we’re doing a good job at that! 

Lurie Children's helps me because it’s a really challenging environment. You get to see the clinicians and all the work that they do for the patients, and it really drives you to want to do your best. There is always so much change happening at Lurie. I like that we are able to be part of a large array of projects, and it’s really exciting and encouraging to get to do that. 

 If you’re looking to join Lurie Children’s, Jason believes that it is important to really understand how your job intersects with clinical care.  

That’s something that really drives me and really helps me understand why I’m here. The work that the team and I do really helps support the clinical staff. 

If you are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow for the patients of Lurie Children’s and the community around you, check out our available opportunities and find your new career home today!