Caring Goes Further Than Medicine at Lurie Children's with Amy Diaz

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Amy Diaz vividly remembers her journey to joining the team at Lurie Children's. "We were still applying on paper," she recalls. After driving to the human resources building and handing in her printed application, Amy had a really good feeling about applying. "I remember receiving the call and coming to meet with HR and the lead at that time, Gloria Hopkins," she says."When the interview was done, I had faith, and sure enough I got the call. I was just so happy to hear that they were making me part of their team and part of such a great organization."

That was 15 years ago. Today, Amy is the Academic Fellowship Coordinator for the Department of Infectious Diseases. As a child, Amy would always walk around and pretend to take notes and see patients; precursors to her later career. "I think about that now," Amy says. "It's like I've always been working toward where I am now."

On a daily basis, Amy supports 11 physicians and three fellows. She's in charge of making sure the office is running, and the clinics are ready for patient visits. Amy and her team work together to make sure everything is operating smoothly in the Department of Infectious Diseases. Although her role doesn't require too much face time with patients, she knows that the work she does plays a huge role in contributing to the overall mission of Lurie Children's Children Children's.

"Just knowing that I put a smile on a kid's face, make sure they're seen in a timely fashion, and put them at ease, it's like music to my ears," Amy says.

Like many members of the Lurie Children's team, Amy isn't in the same role she started in. "I haven't been in the same department for the last 15 years," she elaborates. "I've been able to move from one department to the next, each time as a promotion. The managers here have always been supportive of that; they want to see us succeed."

Along with her hard work, Amy put in extra hours to help advance her career–and Lurie Children's played a significant role in helping her achieve that. "I've moved up by gaining experience and knowledge by going back to school," she says. "One of the best parts of Lurie Children's is that they assist employees in paying for school. Taking advantage of that has been really helpful in my career."

While moving up through departments, Amy had the opportunity to work with different teams and see the impact that Lurie Children's has on not just Chicago, but the world. "I've seen people come from all different parts of the country," she states. "In my role now, we have families that come see us from everywhere; you name it, and they're here. That's because of the reputation Lurie Children's has and knowing that people come from across the world for our care, it's an honor."

"I don't want to sound biased," Amy brags, "but I feel that this is by far the best department I've ever worked in. That's something that keeps me coming back; everyone is kind, and you can see the passion they have for treating patients and families."

And it's more than just the team that keeps Amy coming back every day. She's inspired by knowing that her team has done something positive and life-changing for their patients and families. "I can honestly say I love working at Lurie Children's," she boasts.

As a seasoned member of the team, Amy knows the ideal candidate when she sees them. The qualities that she and her team seek from candidates are: energetic, hard-working, team player, excellent communicator, eager to learn, highly motivated, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, and of course compassionate.

"I feel like we're all part of one big team," she says, "it doesn't matter if you're an administrative professional, or an engineer, or a physician, or any other position in the hospital, I think we're all part of one big goal, and that's to make our families and patients happy."

If you're ready for a career in an organization that promotes continual learning, career development, and going above and beyond for patients, apply today and join the Lurie Children's team!