Dahlia’s Journey to Lurie Children’s

Dahlia Klepac is our awesome Director of the Speech, Language, Pathology, and Audiology department. Her path to healthcare began when she studied speech pathology. 


“I chose speech pathology because I knew I wanted to work with children without being a teacher,” she said. 


Dahlia moved to Chicago in 1999 from Texas and will admit that the cold weather was a bit of a shock to her system. Thankfully, she warmed to us at Lurie Children’s as a volunteer. 


It was the year 2000 when I started volunteering at Lurie Children’s. I did that for about 18 months. Then a position for Manager of Audiology and Speech opened. I applied and was hired! 


Dahlia was able to take advantage of the culture of career growth we foster here at Lurie Children’s made her way to the role she has today. 


A typical day for me here usually involves three to four meetings related to individual staff or departments, along with bigger hospital meetings. A lot of my spare time is spent with my office door open with people popping in with different issues that need solving. We work very closely with the other department in the division, so there’s a lot of project and program development going on all the time. 


Although Dahlia’s schedule is pretty packed, she says that the highlight of her day is the “people part.” Dahlia loves interacting with the staff regularly. 


You know, my husband told me that I should apply to a few different hospitals. But because I volunteered at Lurie Children’s for such a long time, I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I knew the staff and felt like I was with trusted professionals, so I made it my home. 


Dahlia has had a great time being able to grow and learn with the organization and is now able to pass it on to the teams that she’s in charge of. 


I am very proud of my teams; they’re comprised of about 60 people in total. We have a culture of openness. We try very hard to make sure that everybody understands their role, what their expectations are, and how we can all come together to make sure that we are giving the best patient care possible. 


If you’re interested in joining our dedicated team, Dahlia feels it’s important that the candidate is “just as eager to bring their expertise as they are to learn from the team.”  


Here at Lurie Children’s, we feel that it is important to hone in on our collaborative and comprehension skills and try to foster that spirit across departments. 


If you’re ready to learn, don’t forget to check out our career site and find out what opportunities we have for you!