Diversity and Inclusion at Lurie Children's Town and Country Pediatrics with Donald Camp

Pride at Lurie Children’s runs deep. In 2018, we were named “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign. Our team earned top marks in meeting non-discrimination, and training criteria that demonstrated our commitment to equitable, inclusive care for LGBTQIA+ patients and families. And we aren’t only committed to caring for LGBTQIA+ patients, we also do the same for our employees.
Donald Camp has been his most authentic self at Lurie Children’s for nearly 30 years. “They value the uniqueness and authenticity I bring and contribute to the larger team,” he explains.
When Donald joined our team at Children’s Memorial in 1990, he started out as a chaplain, and eventually became the director of pastoral care. At the time, Donald was getting his master’s degree and became really engaged by working with children and their families and providing spiritual care.
In 1995, he moved into another director role where he was senior director for Family Services, Rehabilitative Services, Case Management, and Emergency Services over different periods of time. Then in 2017, Donald took on his current role of Senior Director of Lurie Children’s Primary Care Town & Country Pediatrics.

How is Town & Country Pediatrics different from the main campus?

At Town & Country, our main focus is primary care. We actually just joined the hospital in 2016, and we’re more of a portal to Lurie Children’s because we refer patients there. Although we aren’t at the main campus, we still have the same passion and concern for children and their families.

Tell us about the culture at Town & Country

Everything we do here is team-based. From the point patients walk in the door, there is a team working on greeting and serving them. When patients see the doctor, it’s not just like they’re seeing just that one person, they’re also seeing nurses and medical assistants working together harmoniously. All throughout the organization, there’s a great team atmosphere, and I think families and staff feel it and know that it’s a great environment to work and seek treatment.

Tell us about Town & Country’s diversity and inclusion efforts

We recently just completed some modules on gender identity classification, and we also have some employees who are transgender. We have a really diverse team, and we also serve kids and families from many different backgrounds, including LGBTQIA+ families and children, those from outside of the city, and other culturally diverse families. We strive to have our team mirror the diversity of our patients and their families.

How can a candidate stand out?

All that a candidate has to do to stand out is show curiosity about the job, colleagues, and the organization’s mission. It also helps to demonstrate your desire to work here, show your willingness to learn, and highlight your strengths.

What’s your favorite part of your role?

My favorite part of my role is the work I get to do with my colleagues, whether they’re physicians, front office staff, nurses, medical assistants, whatever; I love getting to work with all of them. It’s not just the work alone, it’s the collaboration and comradery.
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