Five Tips for Being an Effective Outreach Manager at Lurie Children's with Paula Nowak

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Are you interested in becoming an Outreach Manager at Lurie Children's? Before you apply, Paula Nowak, Manager of Physician Services at Lurie Children's, has the tips to help you succeed.

As a long-time member of the Lurie Children's family, Paula has seen the devotion that Lurie Children's has to their mission of providing the best care for children and their families, and to helping employees develop their skills through leadership education and training programs.

Here are her tips for being an effective outreach manager at Lurie Children's.

1. Understand and Respect the Culture of your Outreach Client

"As an Outreach Coordinator, you get to be out and about in different neighborhoods all around Chicagoland–and farther. I think it's important to recognize that the cultures are different in terms of how the clients provide care, what resources are available to them, how they make decisions, and how they like to be communicated with. You have to mesh all of that and respect all of those differences to really establish a relationship of trust with the providers."

2. Analyze How Lurie Children’s Can Provide Value

"You always need to be focusing on what the client needs and how you can provide that. In other words, you want to think 'what can I do for you,' and also set reasonable expectations behind what you actually can do; you want to make honest promises. Sometimes our client might not be aware that we have an outreach satellite or an urgent care center that is close to them, and that these outreach satellites have specialists that are available and near their homes. That provides a lot of value because they don't have to travel anymore."

3. Elicit Feedback

"Encourage open communication and always ask questions."

4. Be Receptive and Responsive to Feedback

"Often, we think we want feedback, but it's hard to hear it when it's negative. As an Outreach Coordinator, you really need to be receptive, responsive, and proactive and follow up if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. That goes back to establishing and creating that relationship of trust. Following up and being receptive to fixing what needs to be fixed is extremely important."

5. Highlight What Makes Lurie Children's Distinct

"This goes back to how Lurie Children's can provide value, measuring that with what the client actually needs, and lining that up with what we do best. In some cases, we have the only specialist that may be available in the area to care for certain types of illnesses, so it’s really important to focus on that aspect.”

Another tip from Paula for anyone wanting to join the Lurie Children's family:

"Come sit in the reception area and watch all of the different types of patients and families and their needs as they are coming into the hospital. It will give you such a wonderful perspective on our organization and how it runs."

If you're ready to put these tips to the test, apply today and join our team!