Focusing On The Vision with Preston Blackburn

Preston Blackburn is the cheery and warm-hearted Project Manager for the Physician Engagement team. He’s been with us here at Lurie Children’s for a little over a year now.

Initially, Preston was brought on board as the Administrative Fellow for our organization. He completed the fellowship in a year and was able to work directly with executive leadership and gain experience in the different avenues that help keep Lurie Children’s running at its peak.

Throughout the years, I was really able to see a lot of different things, and one of the things that really resonated with me was the idea of what we can do to improve and influence the culture of the organization.

Preston is always looking for innovative ways to be sure that Lurie Children’s values are visible in the everyday

We think about culture, engagement, overall provider wellness and burnout, all so we can better support our providers.

The project manager role is exciting for a person like Preston. He feels that by excelling in his position, more opportunities for career growth will become available. Here at Lurie Children’s, we foster a culture that promotes career growth, but excelling in a position like this is no easy task. Luckily, Preston is taking the challenge by the horns

I feel like on most days, I am working on projects. I’m on a team of three. It’s me, my Physician Leader Dr. Anne Boat, and we have an Executive Administrative Assistant named Latisha Johnson. With it only being the three of us, we’re small but we’re mighty as a team. We have a strategic plan for the hospital and what I’m doing is working on projects to make it happen.

He’s currently working on the physician survey that will help the team decide where they should focus their efforts.

It took a few months of planning and working with the vendors to really create a survey that was going to be relevant, applicable to our audience, and communicates the importance of this survey.

The determination and focus that Preston presents isn’t lost upon himself. He believes that the values and standards that Lurie Children’s holds the staff up to helps him to perform at his best.

I think Lurie Children's has a mission and vision that pairs well with my own mission, vision and values. My passion in life is making a better world for my community and the people around me. So to find an organization that shares that passion is better than anything I could ask for.

Preston believes that the bottom line of his own success is the “smart and passionate” people he is afforded the opportunity to work around every single day. 

They inspire me to be a better leader, person and innovator. 

A career opportunity here at Lurie Children’s means meeting challenges head on and being selfless. So you new hires out there listen to Preston’s words of advice:

Learning how Lurie Children’s mission and vision coincide with your own personal values and vision is extremely important. Coming to work here is more than getting up in the morning and collecting a paycheck. The work that you’re doing is connecting to not only the mission of the organization in making sure we’re providing the best care possible but to the individual in making sure they’re striving to meet their own personal goal.

Patience, dedication, and passion are the pillars of our organization. Are you ready to make a positive impact on your community? Check out our career site and see what opportunities are available for you!