Leading by Example with Matthew Massaro

photo of Matt MassaroA good leader is someone who listens to their team and encourages their ideas. To become a leader, you have to be dedicated, persistent, have a vision for yourself, and a firm understanding of what you do best. It takes not just being good at something, but being great.

Matthew Massaro knows this firsthand. As the Administrative Supervisor in the heart center, Matthew spends his days listening, encouraging, and of course leading. Back in 2005, he started his journey at Lurie Children's through the HR float pool program. This gave him the opportunity to work in a diverse group of divisions with different teams, while also helping him find his perfect fit in the Lurie Children's family.

For the past 9 years, Matthew has been leading and creating new relationships with his team, while nourishing those from his previous roles at Lurie Children's. We spoke with him to find out his leadership style, what it takes to be a good leader, and his advice for others looking to develop their careers at Lurie Children's.

Becoming a Leader

"I landed in the heart center doing administrative support and I was there for about 4 years. We began to expand and grow–our team has more than doubled since I started–and as we began to grow there was a need and opportunity for a more robust leadership staff. I was given the opportunity to interview and apply for a newly created position: the administrative supervisor. I’ve been in this position for the last few years, so I’m helping maintain leadership among our administrative teams during constant growth and pretty significant change over the last few years."

A Day in the Life

"It's a lot of face-to-face communication, a lot of in person scheduled meetings and ad hoc conversations. I do a lot of listening to the administrative staff that I manage, and I have worked to align what their concerns and needs are and also what their ideas are. I tend to encourage innovation from the team and then help them realize some of our thoughts and ideas to keep up with the everchanging needs of the faculty and how they need our support. I do a lot of problem solving and face-to-face interaction and provide a lot of support and encouragement to our team to excel and elevate the role that they’re in, but also elevate their skills in line with their career paths."

Best Part of Leading

"The best part for me is witnessing and encouraging the growth and career development of the people that I lead. For me, I don’t have any measurement of personal success in gains, I think my success is measured by the success of the team that I lead. If they’re able to elevate the position they’re in while there and also continue moving forward and progressing in their career path, I think that’s the important part for me. The most satisfying part of it is when I can help further excite employees with the notion of career development and building skills and increasing their scope of responsibility professionally."

We’re all Leaders

"I think, like anything in life, it’s what you make of it. I think of what I’ve witnessed in others, those that have had the opportunity to be a leader are those who sought that opportunity, went after it, and got it. Leadership at Lurie Children's is not necessarily a group of people that’re just going to be handing out opportunities, but they’re certainly people whose door are always open and they’re willing to listen, encourage, and support. I think the way Lurie Children's identifies its leaders is those who stand up and speak out and show that gumption to further themselves and grow professionally."

Advice to Future Leaders

"One thing I’ve learned that I would be surprised isn’t the most important thing I’ve learned at the end of my career is listening. Being a good leader means listening. Finding the ability to become a leader means dedication, persistence, and a vision for yourself and a firm understanding of what you do best. Originally when I started I tried to figure out what critiques I have of myself and where I was lacking. Then I shifted my focus to how do I go from being good at something to being excellent at something."

If you’re ready to lead a team of future leaders, apply today and join the Lurie Children's family!