Lending A Hand To Those In Need with Andrew Williams

No matter what role you're in at Lurie Children's, every person has the opportunity to help someone in need. From security guards to physicians, each member of our team works hard to provide the best care for our patients and families, while also working to always be the best teammate they can be.

To concierge Andrew Williams, the best part of coming to work every day is that each day is different. Some days are busy, some days offer more free time. But no matter what, Andrew says, you have to stay focused.

We sat down with Andrew to see what he loves about his job and what keeps him coming back day after day.

Most rewarding part

"One of the rewarding parts of the job is that I work with 20 other concierge team members who are of different races, nationalities, and religious backgrounds. I've learned so much from them about how to work with people and understand people, no matter what their background may be. I've learned from my manager that there's always another side to everything. We may look at some things differently, but there’s always another way to think about and approach problems.

The other rewarding part is interacting with the patients and their families: sometimes I joke around at the desk and say things just for a little smile out of the parents or guardians. It makes me feel good that every day I can say something that will take their mind off of their worries just a little bit."

What keeps him coming back

"I come back every day because I enjoy what I do. When I first started, I was a little nervous about working in a hospital and wondering what I might see or what it's going to be like. Every day I'm inspired because I know at some point I'm going to help someone or make them smile, and I know that I’m going to learn something new."

How he stays engaged

"I like to say I'm never bored, because there's always something going on. It's nonstop here, whether people are visiting, or they need to go to the clinic, the garage, or they're looking for something to eat or to catch a ride, you're always engaged in something."

The team

"Everyone here is very friendly, very cooperative and always willing to partner with you to help you in any situation. If there's something I need help with, they're always there for me. I love seeing people on my team and other coworkers interact with people, you see them helping people, opening doors, pushing wheelchairs, carrying packages, helping them to their cars. I would say everyone here is a family that loves to help people."

If caring for people is something you’re passionate about, apply today to join the team at Lurie Children's!