Lurie Children's is PJ Bungcayao's One and Only

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This is actually my first respiratory care job. I have never been to a different hospital before Lurie Children’s. This has been my workplace since day one after I graduated.

PJ is a 14-year veteran of our Respiratory Care team and currently serves as our Respiratory Care Practitioner as well as a Respiratory Therapist. He has loved his Lurie Children’s team and the accompanying work environment since starting his position with us soon after graduation.

The only word that immediately comes to mind when describing his own professional experiences is “perfect.”

Since day one, I have loved Lurie Children’s. I love the workplace. I like the people I work with. It’s just a camaraderie. The team environment is both productive and efficient. It’s an awesome environment.

PJ attended Triton College to study in their Respiratory Therapy program. It was during his time there that he completed most of his training at Lurie Children’s.

I realized this was a very nice place to work. I loved it! After I graduated, I immediately applied for them and was surprised they took me. [chuckles] I did all of my clinical rotations at Lurie Children’s and I fell in love with it.

He decided to pursue a career in pediatric care specifically. Helping children quickly became his only professional focus. Being a father to two young daughters now, his admiration for children’s healthcare continues to strengthen.

As soon as I did my clinical rotation here, I told myself that this was it. This is my specialty. It’s rewarding to see yourself helping kids personally. For me, kids with their young minds and their young hearts, it’s so nice to see them improve. At Lurie Children’s, we take care of everybody. No matter if you’re rich or poor, Lurie Children’s takes care of your child.

For almost a decade and a half, PJ has made it his purpose to improve each year and use his seasoned tenure with us as a means to become a reliable resource for those around him.

I basically improve every year. The responsibility of overseeing the entire staffing department is one of my biggest improvements this past year. I love being a resource for everybody. For me, that is a huge accomplishment.

For PJ, Lurie Children’s Hospital has remained his one and only workplace for a reason. He simply doesn’t see the need to pursue an opportunity elsewhere. This has become his second home and he encourages all who are interested in pediatric healthcare to join the Lurie Children’s family and start making a difference.

For me, I feel proud. I am proud to be working in this institution. Lurie Children’s is one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation. If you want to help kids, Lurie Children’s is a great place to work. I don’t see myself working anywhere else. Working here for 14 years, that says it all. I live far. I am driving 45 miles one way every day, but that says it all.

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