Making an Impact in Support Services and Beyond with Will Felix

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When Will Felix started two years ago, he didn't realize how much of an impact his role at Lurie Children’s would make in people’s lives. As a Logistics Associate, Will keeps everything stocked and ready to go to make sure his team and colleagues throughout the hospital have everything they need to do their jobs.

Before joining the Lurie Children's family, Will was a manager at a popular clothing retailer where he got to work with vendors and have a taste of the logistics world. Ready for a change, he applied to Lurie Children's, interviewed, and a few weeks later he started his role in Support Services.

"Working in this environment is great because it's new and fast-paced. Overall, the position I applied for is so important because I’m making an impact in people's lives. Not many people realize that, but you really do make an impact. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in; you could be in support services, nursing, marketing, but as long as we’re here, we're here to help."

Helping is just what Will and the Support Services team do. As a tightknit team, they see a lot of each other–which helps them foster an environment that's family-like.

"We try to stick together because if someone's not here one day, then all of their tasks are just up in the air, so we make sure that they're covered by splitting up their tasks one by one and make sure everything is taken care of."

Although he doesn't have direct contact with patients, Will and his team are the ones providing materials that nurses, and other Lurie Children’s team members, need to do their jobs. Without Support Services, there would be no products to help accomplish the vision and mission of Lurie Children's.

"My department is the backbone of Lurie Children's; it's a very important role to play in the organization. When I see patients in the elevator or in the family room, it serves as a reminder that my job is important. Even though I'm in an entry-level position, I still make a difference."

As the go-to guy to get things done, Will has no problem taking charge. With the belief that knowledge is power, he loves learning as much as he can–that way, when others pose questions, Will provides them comfort by having all of the answers.

Currently studying to get his degree in Trans-distribution and Logistics, Will has an upper hand already working in the field and gaining necessary experience at Lurie Children's. Lending a helping hand in the opening of a new unit, Will knows what it takes to see something to fruition, and the type of teammates necessary to get the job done.

"The ideal candidate is someone with resilience, hard-working, eager to learn, motivated, and detail oriented because things happen that are unexpected. You also have to be hardworking and eager to learn. I've been here for two years and I find myself teaching others all the time, but I know there's always more for me to learn as well. There are things I want to learn to help make me even better at my job.

I said it before, but I'll say it again, even if you're in an entry level position and you might not have direct patient contact, your position does matter and the work you're doing is very important. If it didn't matter, that position wouldn’t be open. So, if you feel like you're at the bottom of the ladder, that's not always the case–keep your head up because people need you."

If Support Services sounds like the perfect department for you, apply today and join our team of hard-working, dedicated change agents!