Making Moves with Zachary Romanski

Stories in: Support Services

Zachary Romanski is a Senior Interpreter & Translator in the Family Services Department. He’s been here with us at Lurie Children’s for 5 years, but his passion for communication spans for years before his official arrival. 

“I studied communication – so with my interest in cultural bridges, it seemed like a natural way to go,” he laughed.  

Having been an intern translator in Puerto Rico, Zachary says he was “looking for something more fulfilling.” His ambition for a new career is what prompted him to make the move to Chicago and apply to Lurie Children’s.  

As a Senior Interpreter and Translator, Zachary says he spends a good portion of his day working on document translations. 

We do marketing materials, research documents, discharge reports, diagnosis letters, and we’re also sometimes on the floors interpreting for families. 

With all the work Zachary is responsible for, it is important that he is at his best—and he believes that Lurie Children’s helps him do just that. 

I think working at Lurie helps me because I come into work feeling like I’m serving someone. I’m working to help someone every day, even on days when it doesn’t necessarily feel like that. I always just try to remember who we’re serving, and that always just helps me feel more dedicated to the work I’m doing.  

Zachary is not only serving patients and families in his work: he’s also serving his teammates. On a team of about 25 people, it is easy for the work to get a little chaotic. 

We’re a tight-knit team and we each work pretty independently, but in the end, work together to make sure everything is running smoothly. I think the culture is both collaborative and supportive. 

For those looking to gain employment here at Lurie Children’s, Zachary says that it’s important to “be willing to learn every day and never shy away from asking questions.” 

Here at Lurie Children’s, being sure that all voices are heard is important. Communication is what creates a sense of not only a team—but a family.   

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