Meet Caroline Menn, RN, a Nurse in the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at Lurie Children’s

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Nurses at Lurie Children's are committed to providing the highest standard of care based on the knowledge that children are constantly changing individuals who should be encouraged to reach their maximum potential growth and development.  

Caroline Menn, RN, a nurse in the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at Lurie Children’s, is passionate about the families she cares for and proud of the role she plays on their journeys. “Nursing is a really great profession,” she says. “It has its highs and lows, but this career provides so much reward and fulfillment.”

Nursing is unique, Caroline says, because of all the different paths one can take within it. Whether it’s exploring other specialties, administration, teaching, research, etc., there is something for everyone. She began her career in adult medicine before making the move to pediatrics out of a desire to connect with patients in their younger years and watch them thrive into adulthood.

Hear more from Caroline about why she pursued a career in nursing at Lurie Children’s: 

Why did you pursue a career in nursing? 

I chose nursing because it's a profession where I'm constantly learning, since the field is always advancing. It challenges me, and I love that I get to have patient interaction and form incredible relationships with patients and their families.

We wear many different hats as nurses and the skills you learn range from critical thinking and time management to being a strong listener, and so much more.

What was your specialty before coming to Lurie Children’s and why did you make the change?  

I worked in an adult general medicine unit for a year and a half before coming to Lurie Children’s. I decided to join pediatrics because it sounded fulfilling to watch patients grow up and have their whole lives ahead of them after they recover.

How has that transition been? Did you feel you were equipped with the knowledge and resources to do the job?

I had a great transition from the adult to pediatric world. Many of the skills I developed in the adult care world transferred over, such as time management and prioritization. Of course, there were adjustments to make, but my amazing preceptors – many who also came from the adult world – helped train me and instilled confidence in me that I would be a great pediatric nurse. Despite the learning curve of starting something new, joining the pediatric unit was the best decision I ever made, and I love caring for the tiny heart warriors in the Heart Center! 

Who inspires you? 

My coworkers! The Heart Center is filled with some of the most talented and intelligent people I have ever met, and they make me want to be a better nurse.

What do you love most about your role at Lurie Children’s? 

I love that the Heart Center offers a unique continuity of care for patients. Many of the patients receive multiple surgeries here, as well as their follow-up care for years to come. It's really special to see how much the patients have grown when they come back and to continue that nurse/patient family bond. 

How would you describe nursing culture at Lurie Children’s? 

I think the nursing culture is all about teamwork! Everyone is always there to lend a hand when needed. 

How does Lurie Children’s foster your professional development? 

Lurie Children’s offers so many opportunities to have professional development. Colleagues often share articles that will highlight new industry findings, there are always meeting opportunities to stay up-to-date, and they offer the chance to pursue continued education and additional certifications.

What is something you’ve learned throughout your career so far that sticks out to you?

I have learned so many things, but some that mean a lot to me are becoming more confident in advocating for my patients and their families, learning how to effectively communicate – not only with my direct team members but with families and patients – and discovering how to trust myself to speak up when I feel it’s needed. 

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