Meet Isabel Lallanilla, RN, a Nurse in the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at Lurie Children’s

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Nurses at Lurie Children's are committed to providing the highest standard of care based on the knowledge that children are constantly changing individuals who should be encouraged to reach their maximum potential growth and development. 

Meet Isabel Lallanilla, RN, a nurse in the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) at Lurie Children’s. As a CCU nurse, Isabel cares for patients ranging from premature infants to adults with heart conditions. In her role, Isabel shares, “I help manage and administer medications and IV infusions, anticipate trends using assessment findings and lab values, adapt to critical clinical changes, and collaborate with the care team to provide the highest quality care to our patients and families.”

“Under the umbrella of the nursing profession, we are leaders, role models, shoulders to cry on, team players, scientists, educators, artists, students, and so much more,” said Isabel.  “This job takes strength, resiliency, compassion, patience, and more than anything, a strong team. I am so happy to have found that team at Lurie Children’s.”

Hear more from Isabel about why she pursued a career in nursing at Lurie Children’s:

Why did you pursue a career in nursing?

Nursing is a truly unique profession. One of the things that attracted me to this position was the variety of roles I can play in a single career path. For example, I act as an educator teaching patients and parents about the nature of congenital heart defects. I am also an artist illustrating each unique heart for almost all my patients. I consistently am acting as a student as well studying different defects, arrythmias, and cardiac surgeries so I can better care for my patients. Other times, I am just a person with open ears listening to a parent of a child struggling with a chronic illness. Every day I come to work to give my all and I see my colleagues do the same. 

Who inspires you?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. Throughout my life, they have modeled authenticity, kindness and genuine compassion for others. Each day I strive to “try my best and forget the rest” – a motto that my parents instilled in me from a young age. They have taught me to always do the right thing and to treat the people around me with respect.

What do you love most about your role at Lurie Children’s?

I absolutely love coming into work and connecting with my patients and their families every day. My favorite way to connect with patients and families is to help them truly understand what is happening inside of their heart. I usually like to create a study guide for the parents of my patients which details the function of an anatomically correct heart in addition to their child’s unique anatomical heart. I love seeing the light bulb moment when a parent finally understands why their child is short of breath or why we give a certain medication that effects the heart anatomy in a specific way. 

How would you describe nursing culture at Lurie Children’s?

I think Lurie Children’s takes pride in their nurses and values them as a part of the care team. During my orientation, I went through countless classes to truly understand the best way to care of the complex anatomy our kids have in the CCU. To me, it shows that Lurie Children’s values our voice and will invest in our knowledge to ensure we can provide input as a critical member of the care team.

How does Lurie Children’s foster your professional development?

Lurie Children’s truly invests in their nurses. We go through countless classes, simulations, online modules, etc. Another thing that I think is unique about Lurie Children’s is that the organization promotes several continuing education opportunities. The hospital partners with National Louis University to offer employees an opportunity to receive their MBA part time at a reduced rate. In addition to this, Lurie Children’s also has a program that is affiliated with Elmhurst University where nurses can receive their Master of Science in Nursing. There are also stipends the organization provides if you would want to take other classes, such as preparatory class before taking certification exams.

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