Nursing Your Career: How Lurie Children's Encourages Development to Provide High Quality Care

At Lurie Children's, providing the highest quality of care to our patients and their families is a value we pride ourselves on. In every department and every location, our team works to keep all of our kids feeling like kids.

If you asked Allison Parise what providing the highest quality of care means to her, she’d tell you how proud she is to work for an organization that sets the bar for the standard of care.

"I very much have a high standard of care, in my every day care or anything else I'm doing," Allison says, "I love that we have a high standards of care, that we have QA, and that we're constantly keeping on top of our excellence. To me it's super important; I would only work at a place that has such a high quality of care."

Allison, a Registered Nurse and nursing expert, has been with Lurie Children's for over 30 years. Throughout her tenure, she has seen immeasurable growth and change within the organization. But, one thing that never changes is the quality of care we provide to our patients.

However, providing such care takes more than just one person: it takes our entire family of caregivers.

"I think that we all encourage each other to use teamwork to deliver high quality care because we keep each other accountable," she states, "so if I'm watching you and I'm saying, 'hey I think we should do it that way' or 'hey don’t forget to wash your hands,' I think we keep each other accountable with our teamwork.

Lurie Children's brings the whole hospital together to provide high quality care by having hospital wide committees; there’s a huge hospital quality committee, then we have small committees on the unit, so all together everybody is always checking each other and providing the high quality of care as a team."

Delivering the best care takes more than just saying, it takes doing. Putting in work every day at every level is how Lurie Children's stays true to their promise. Allison has seen this in many ways throughout the hospital over the last three decades.

"They're constantly coming out with improvements and PI projects. We have committees that people have to report to and input data that shows the quality and the quality standards at that time. So, improving quality is a constant here."

With the constant developments, Lurie Children's also believes in improvements and growth for all of their team members. And in nursing, Allison says Lurie Children's’s advanced nursing program is how other nurses can grow professionally while working for one of the best children's hospitals in the nation.

"I think Lurie Children's encourages everyone that works here, but in our profession as nurses, we have an advanced program. Even if you want to stay and be a staff nurse, there's different advancements within the advancement program for every level of nurse at Lurie Children's. Being here for 31 years myself, I still feel like I’m encouraged to have professional growth and development. You can be at the high end of the advanced program and there are other programs within that you can complete do to grow."

If you're ready to start your nursing career at a place that’s dedicated to your career growth and professional development, apply today to join our team!