Passion for Children with Layenie Grace

Meet Layenie Grace. She’s the Director of Case Management at Almost Home Kids and has been at Lurie Children’s since 2013. Layenie got her start as a nurse in Scotland and previously worked in the United States for a short stint of time. 

I knew I wanted to come back. I was looking for an organization that was passionate about the children – particularly children with special needs. When I found Lurie Children's, I was super excited, because their mission is keeping children at home with their families. We want to make sure these children are established at home and in the community. 

Lurie Children's is the home to many passionate employees, and Director Layenie Grace is no exception. She believes that the passion of those around her is part of what brings her back to Lurie Children's every day. 

The kids and the passion that the other members of my team have is what keeps me coming back. The families that we work with are absolutely terrific. They want the very best for their children, and they work really hard with us to get that for their kids. 

Layenie is proud to represent an organization that gives back to the community in an effort to improve it.  

"They never turn anyone away," she says. "They're passionate about all different types of communities."  

The opportunities that Lurie Children's affords the youth is not the only thing she's excited about. Layenie believes that working at Lurie Children's can open the doors for career growth opportunities. 

There's so much opportunity here. There are always so many different ways that they're changing, and growing, and expanding. They really do encourage everyone to fight for what you're really passionate about, and really guide you to help you find your niche. 

Support is a large portion of what keeps Lurie Children's up and running, and Layenie says that support is a term that encompasses her team's culture. Their goal is to go and help wherever help is needed, regardless of "whether it's a team member or a family. Our team is just very open and supportive.” 

If you're looking to make a new career home at Lurie Children's, Layenie believes that the ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about caring for children and supporting families