The Radiance of Respiratory with Danielle Uribe

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Growing up, Danielle Uribe’s parents always pushed her to pursue a career in healthcare. Unlike most kids whose parents try to steer their career, Danielle actually wanted to go into the healthcare field.

During her last year of high school, Danielle attended a local college at night to get her CNA license. After she started working as a CNA, she was able to start learning more about other positions in the hospital. There was one position in particular that stuck with her: Respiratory Therapy.

During respiratory school, Danielle expressed to her teacher her interest in pediatrics–something her teacher, who worked at Lurie Children’s, was equally passionate about. So, Danielle was told to attend the Lurie Children’s career fair so she could meet with leaders and team members and see if Lurie Children’s was where she wanted to be. It was. 

After passing her boards, Danielle reached out to the Respiratory Director at Lurie Children’s and they set up an interview. Not long after, Danielle was hired as a Respiratory Therapist. And, only a year after that, she was promoted to team leader. 

We sat down with Danielle to get the full story on what it’s like to be a Respiratory Therapist at Lurie Children’s. 

What was going through your mind during your first day at Lurie Children’s? 

I was super nervous because I knew this was a facility that is nationally recognized and it’s a beautiful hospital right in the middle of downtown, with some of the best doctors and other health care professionals across the board. I remember driving into work, super amped up, just because I had a job here. I wanted to make sure that I was equally amazing, so every night I would go home and study and learn new stuff all the time. I was just so nervous and excited at the same time.

How did it feel to be promoted to team leader so quickly? 

I feel like the whole time I’ve been here, it’s been about growth. When I first started, my clinical educator said she could see me going into a leadership role, but I wasn’t sure I was ready at the time; I was still trying to lockdown my bedside and patient assessment skills. Then, later, my manager brought it up, and I still didn’t think I was ready, but she told me that she and the team were going to fully support me and if I had any questions I could reach out to her at any time. Everyone was just so supportive, and it was really nice to hear that they would have my back and help me take on the role.

What benefits do Lurie Children’s employees receive? 

We have tuition reimbursement, flex–an overtime opportunity–we have PTO cash out, we have our 403b which is up to five percent matching, and tons of other benefits we can take advantage of. I don’t think any other organizations offer the benefits that we do. Some of the other benefits are less structured. Our director will order us lunch if we’re short-staffed, we have little parties for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers. Our director also offers a neonatal seminar, which is awesome, and many other additional opportunities for education.

How does Lurie Children’s recognize employees? 

We have the High Five program where any member of the interdisciplinary team can recognize you publicly. The High Five program has a point system, so depending on what you did, you can get points, then those points can be put toward gift cards, home supplies, clothes, anything you want. It’s a great system because you get to be recognized publicly and your peers and leaders get to see what you’ve accomplished.

How does it feel to be recognized?

It feels great that someone took the time to actually fill out a High Five form, because it’s not just a simple pat on the back. The form actually takes time and thought, so it feels awesome.

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